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Create a Clean, Happy and Productive Workplace

August 24, 2015   8:10 am
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Facility cleanliness is an important component to creating a safer working environment. However, have you ever thought about how it can cut down employee sick days and absenteeism and improve employee attitude and productivity? In 2014, research conducted by a workplace services provider found that: 48% of employees are unhappy with the standards of hygiene […] Read More   >

S3 Clean-Up Challenge: Collect Sticky Movie Theater Snacks

July 29, 2015   9:35 am
Ever wonder how movie theaters manage to pick up all the snack food left on the floor? Our latest challenge will show you! We collected dry, sticky food products through a 100 foot long hose using the Nilfisk S3 vacuum and managed to clean up every last piece. The S3 single-phase vacuum offers 50 or […] Read More   >

Nilfisk Distributor Educates on at Home HEPA Filtration Importance

July 14, 2015   9:48 am
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Ever consider the air in your home to be the dirtiest place in the house? Authorized Nilfisk distributor, The House Doctors educates on the silent contaminants within your home. Learn about the importance of HEPA filtration and how choosing the right vacuum and cleaning methods just several times a year can create a much cleaner […] Read More   >

Clean-Up Challenge: See the T48 & Cyclone Separator Put to the Test!

July 9, 2015   10:54 am
View our recent demo video below, featuring the T48 and cyclone separator! This test displays the efficient collection of 5 gallons or 65 pounds of Molochite in just 1 minute! The T48 is both easily maneuverable and lightweight. A HEPA filter can be added to ensure that 99.995% of particles are retained, down to and […] Read More   >

Flood Clean-Up Challenge: See the Flood Sucker in Action!

June 2, 2015   8:15 am
Reports from the recent devastating floods in Texas stated that nearly 35 trillion gallons of rain water covered the entire state of Texas during the month of May. Massive amounts of rain in a short period of time produced major clean-up constraints. Residents now face the aftermath of the flooding and must provide proper clean-up […] Read More   >
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