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Secret to Achieving Optimum Vacuum Performance

September 30, 2014   8:48 am
Nilfisk Graduated Filtration
What is the secret to achieving optimum performance from a vacuum? Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance! Nilfisk vacuums are known for their superior operation due to their multi stage filtering capabilities. Filters are one of the most vital areas of a vacuum, often neglected and forgotten. Regular filter maintenance and scheduled replacements are an important part of […] Read More   >

Choosing the Right Industrial Vacuum for the Job

May 29, 2014   12:58 pm
Floor Nozzle_Liquid
Filtration is the first, and most important, vacuum cleaner feature to consider for clean-up during and after the job. When working with fine dust such as pharmaceutical powders and crystalline silica, any standard filter will clog easily and often. The vacuum will lose suction and the user wastes valuable time cleaning the filter. Traditional vacuums aren’t […] Read More   >

Highlights from Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums National Sales Meeting

April 2, 2014   10:29 am
Last month, Nilfisk Industrial Vacuum Division representatives from across North America ventured to Pennsylvania for our annual National Sales Meeting. During this week-long meeting, team members recapped business activities, received sales training and honored members of our sales department and back-end office. Here are some highlights: Read More   >

Nilfisk-ALTO Introduces NEW Line of Wet/Dry Vacuums

November 1, 2013   9:01 am
AERO 21-21 PC INOX_van_blog
We’re pleased to introduce new Nilfisk-ALTO AERO compact wet/dry vacuums, designed specifically with professional end-users in mind. The new AERO models are ideal for smaller cleaning jobs in building and construction sites, remediation and abatement projects, and auto body shops. Industry-leading performance and compact, ergonomic design ensure safe operation, easy storage and transportation, and increased […] Read More   >

Data Center Clean-Up with HEPA-Filtered Vacuums

October 8, 2013   6:29 am
Nilfisk Graduated Filtration
Data centers need to be cleaned regularly in order to protect equipment and employees from harmful airborne hazards. Accumulated dust and debris can contaminate the airflow within a facility and cause clogged circuitry, increased risk of fire, accidental fire suppressant discharge and miscellaneous health problems. A maintenance program with scheduled cleaning intervals ranging from once […] Read More   >
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