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Avoid Combustible Dust Hazards & Contamination: Series Part 3

December 1, 2015   10:25 am
Nilfisk_CMYK blog
What does Nilfisk specifically do for its customers? Over the last year Nilfisk has developed a complete, solutions based sales process to help better serve customers. This process involves several aspects and ultimately never ends. Site assessments and product demonstrations are essential to providing a complete, appropriate application solution. Following the site assessment, product demos […] Read More   >

Avoid Combustible Dust Hazards & Contamination: Series Part 2

November 24, 2015   5:30 am
How can companies prevent combustible dust risks? Education is the first and main step towards the prevention of combustible dust explosions and fires. Getting involved in trade shows and trade associations are both great options to gain knowledge along with others who are in the same industry. With regulations and standards constantly changing, it is […] Read More   >

Avoid Combustible Dust Hazards & Contamination: Series Part 1

November 17, 2015   10:30 am
What is going on with combustible dust? Our combustible dust information series starts here with the basics – why is everyone talking about combustible dust? Issues involving combustible dust heavily arose in 2008 when a sugar refinery in Georgia suffered an explosion due to combustible dust. Since this devastating event, standards and regulations have been […] Read More   >

A15 EXP Pneumatic Vacuum Cleaning Challenge: Collect Flour

November 4, 2015   9:15 am
Our newest cleaning challenge features the Nilfisk A15 EXP Pneumatic Vacuum collecting flour. Not only is the A15 EXP constructed of all 304 stainless steel, it includes a grounding cable and clamp for safety in hazardous locations. Watch as the A15 EXP safely collects flour with a 20 foot hose. The A15 EXP Pneumatic Vacuum […] Read More   >

Indoor Ranges: Reduce Lead Levels with HEPA Vacuums

September 8, 2015   11:00 am
Heritage Guild_S2 fixed floor side blog
There are an estimated 16,000 to 18,000 indoor firing ranges in the United States. Law enforcement officials as well as hobbyists use these ranges to sharpen their skills. Many indoor ranges are located in urban areas and due to the confined spaces are at higher risk of exposing employees and customers to hazardous noise and […] Read More   >
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