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Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums’ Warehouse Sightings

November 12, 2013   10:15 am
T26_Food wrappers project
Customers call us about all sorts of applications… food collection, metal debris pickup, product reclamation. The list goes on and on! Special applications require an on-site assessment by your local Nilfisk industrial vacuum representative and consultation with our product/engineering team. Behind the scenes of our customized solutions are mock facility/vacuum set-ups and experiments with material pickup. Here […] Read More   >

New Accessory Brochure Available from Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums

July 26, 2013   12:16 pm
accessory brochure
Accessories are not just for spicing up your outfit. The right accessories with the right vacuum cleaner can make facility maintenance easier and more efficient! To help you select the right coupler, hose, wand, floor nozzle and/or finishing tool, we created a brochure featuring our most popular Nilfisk CFM industrial vacuum accessories. (We have so many accessories that we […] Read More   >

Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums Presents New Resource Guides for Food and Pharma

July 16, 2013   11:18 am
Food resource guide
Knowledge is power. Time is money. And good housekeeping is good business. When we launched the Nilfisk Safe Choice program last year we kept all of this in mind. Creating Safe Choice resources in the form of interactive tools, webinars and whitepapers to educate customers on how to combat housekeeping challenges (i.e. combustible dust, cross contamination, overhead cleaning, etc.) within the […] Read More   >

Food: Hot Oven Clean-Up with the Right Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

June 24, 2013   10:42 am
crumbs from oven
The US bakery industry includes about 8,800 commercial and retail bakeries with a combined annual revenue of about $33 billion (according to the 2012 Bakery Product Manufacturing report). Commercial bakeries spend countless hours producing our favorite treats, desserts and breads. Oven bottoms and sides are often encrusted with baked-on food and grease. Bakery owners and sanitation managers […] Read More   >

Food and Pharma: Improve Packaging Efficiency

June 4, 2013   12:43 pm
The basic function of a vacuum cleaner is to pick up dust and dirt. Higher-efficiency industrial vacuums with the proper filters and motors can collect hazardous materials, combustible dust and even liquids. What about an ivac for picking up defective chocolate bar wrappers or the plastic film from a pharma production line? “Trim” vacuums are designed […] Read More   >
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